Welcome to Virtual FantasyCon

Welcome page

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Flavor of Fantasy is excited to announce the First Annual Virtual FantasyCon, an online convention to showcase the works of Fantasy authors and artists and the bloggers who support them. Throughout the eight-day event, we will be showcasing bloggers, authors, and artists who are part of the various subgenres of Fantasy.

This is not related to the event itself.  I know I like having everything collected together in one place.  Not to mention it’s fun to go ferret out all the different pieces of information being presented.  If you don’t like Facebook, or can’t get it to behave, I plan on assembling the highlights of each day’s events and posting them here.  Until that time, please feel free to investigate the bits and pieces I’ve managed to pull together so far.

And, please, please, PLEASE help us spread word about this exciting event.  Over 200 authors have come together, along with several artists and bloggers to show off our work, and to get to meet you.  I know I enjoy a party, so the more the merrier!