FantasyCon Mini Interview with Jordanne Fuller, Artist and Author.

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Q – What do you love most about fantasy?
A – I love that anything can happen. There is no limit to the realism that can be created from literally nothing.
Q – What inspires your art and stories?
A – Everything. I mean that too. I’ve been inspired by a way some garbage was crinkled on the floor. I am the kind of person who sees beauty in everyone and everything. And my creativity stems from said beauty.
Q – You’re in charge of cosplay for FantasyCon, do you have a site where we can see some of your own cosplay endeavors?
A – I love you for asking. Much of my design work can be found here>
Q – Tell me a little about your stories and artwork
A – I have many stories I am working on at once. Just this year, I was published in 4 anthologies, with another in the works.
I have a novel completed, and have for the past four years. I plan on finishing up the editing hopefully in the near future and submitting it for publication. The novel is a post apocalyptic zombie/vampire survival story, set from the viewpoint of Lilith, a mother who is trying to raise her child in a world where humans have had to become nocturnal creatures.
If anyone wants a taste of what the world of Night is like, it’s prequel (where the characters are in their teens) is featured in the Mystical Bites anthology. That one is called Dusk.
My other published stories are: Troy, The Flight of Phoenix, Trapped, and the one to come is called Scars: First Session.
My design company is called Muggmy, and I both sell and commission things made with many a medium.