FantasyCon Mini Interview with Lisa Price Manifold, Author, and reader

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Q – Are you an author/writer, reader, or blogger?
A – I am an author, and a voracious reader.
Q – What in the world of fantasy inspires you?
A – I love the immersion into another world that I find in fantasy. I love the idea that we can live, even for a short period of time, in a world that is not our own. Escapism at its finest!
Q – Have you written a fantasy story? What’s it about?
A – I have. My first series is called Sisters Of The Curse. It’s based on the Grimm Brothers fairy tale Twelve Dancing Princesses. It’s the details of the story – why did the princesses keep on dancing? Why didn’t they just tell their father what was going on? Why did men have to die before the truth was discovered? These were the questions I had whenever I would read that particular story – and so for me, it answers them.
Q – If you could live in any fantasy world, what would it be?
A – I would be an Instructor-For-Life at Hogwarts.

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