FantasyCon Mini Interview with Paulina Woods, Author.

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Q – Are you a Reader, Author, Artist, or Blogger?

A – I’m a author, reader and blogger. I started out as an avid reader at a young age. When I was younger I loved Tom Clancy and Don Pendleton. I had read most of Clancy books by age 14.

Q – What is the earliest fantasy story you remember reading and watching?

A – I think the first fantasy I read was Where the Wild Things Grow. Yes I count that as a fantasy book. Never did watch the movie because I loved the book too much.

Q – Have you written any stories? Tell us about them.

A – I have written a lot of stories but only one would has been published. My Witches Amulet series is a fantasy world based here on earth in this age. I write about gargoyles, witches, Fae, dwarfs and all other kinds of supernatural creatures.

I have an epic fantasy in the works and a clean romance for my mom.

Q – If you could disappear to any fantasy world you want, where would you go?

A – I would love to live in Kenyon’s world. Oh to meet some of her heroes would make me smile and jump up and down. She has over 28 books in her Dark Hunter series and each male makes me want to find one of my own.

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