A FantasyCon Mini Interview with Cait Spivey, Author of ‘From Under the Mountain’.

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Q – What do you love most about fantasy?

A – My favorite thing about fantasy is that it’s the perfect avenue to explore metaphor as a literal thing. As someone who lives with depression, writing dark fantasy and paranormal stories allows me to take those dark parts of my psyche and personify them, communicate with them, interpret them, and perhaps most importantly, challenge or accept them.

Q – If you could be a part of any fantasy world, which would you choose?

A – It’s a toss-up between Middle Earth and Harry Potter’s wizarding world, haha. The first appeals to my simple-life yearnings, the second appeals to my quirkiness. Plus, HP magic just seems to make day to day life so much easier!

Q – Have you written any fantasy novels? If so, what’s it about?

A – I have a full length fantasy novel, FROM UNDER THE MOUNTAIN, coming out in January. It’s about a young woman who becomes empress after her entire family is murdered; immediately after ascending to the throne, she must deal with an anti-magic movement that includes her lover, and then team up with a psychopathic god to combat an ancient force breaking free from under the mountain.

Q – Do you have any upcoming fantasy stories?

A – I have the novel above coming out, and there are two short stories I plan to release prior to that book’s launch. These stories take place prior to the novel and tease some of the central character dynamics. No dates yet, but as soon as they’re available they’ll be shared on my author page.



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