FantasyCon Mini Interview with Teel James Glenn, Author.

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Q – Are you a Reader, Author, Blogger, or Artist?

A – I‘ve always been a reader—but I’ve been a published author since college with stories in Black Belt, Mad and other magazines (and most recently Weird Tales and Steampunk Tales). I currently have 30 plus books out from over a half dozen publishers.

Q – What is the first fantasy story you remember watching or reading?

A – Beastmaster (the Andre Norton Book, not the movie- though fun – which had nothing to do with the book) was the first book I can recall making a big impression on me. Then the Doc Savage books by Kenneth Robeson( Lester Dent).

Q – Who or what inspires you?

A – In the literary world the Robert E. Howard Conan tales and the Burroughs Mars stories are constant wellsprings I return to, again and again, always fresh and viscerally written.

In the real world I am driven by the memory of friends who have passed on who believed in me and encouraged me and by one very special person whom I feel I must succeed for.

Q – Have you written any fantasy stories? If so, please tell us about them.
A – I have several fantasy series out;

The Renfairies: Queen Morgana and the Renfairies and When Renfairies Attack (From Whiskey Creek Press) deal with the interface between the worlds of the Fey and our world in the place where dreams live in the daylight- Renaissance Faires! (Of the first book Fantasybookreview.comsaid “If Shakespeare wrote pulp it would be this book!)

The Maxie & Moxie Series: Deadline Zombies and Headline Ghouls- – which are a series of novellas with a husband and wife- he’s a reporter, she a movie star for Universal Pictures- in the 1930s who become involved in bizarre and often occult mysteries. (Think Thin Man meets the X files).

The Altiva Sword & Sorcery series: the Collections :Songs of a Warrior Priest (from Whiskey Creek Press), Of Swords & Sorcery ( Gypsy Shadow Press), and (forthcoming novels) Death at Dragonthroat, and Quest of the Sister Warrior (from Dark Quest Books).

This series of interconnected, but self-contained stories on a world at a late medieval level- but with space wraps and crystal magick. There are echoes of Burroughs, Howard and even Robert Asprin in the stories—all high adventure!


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