FantasyCon Mini-Interview with Karin De Havin, Reader, and Author.

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Q – Are you a Reader, Author, Artist, or Blogger?

A – I’m a reader and author of YA fantasies. I love nothing more after a crazy day in the real world to come home and bury myself in a great fantasy book. I had stories of my own running around in my head, so one day I sat down and wrote my first steampunk short story. I was lucky enough to sell The Unseen Wonder and have it published in an anthology. I’ve been writing ever since.

Q – If you could be any fantasy creature, what would you choose, and why?

A – I’d be a genie like the one in my book Jin In Time. How wonderful it would be to grant wishes and make someone’s dreams come true. Plus he’s a Victorian genie and it’s my favorite era and one I’ve always wanted to live in.

Q – What inspires you?

A – I’m inspired by all kinds of things. The world around me as I love to travel, the stories I read, and the people I meet. I’m a dialog driven writer so one of my favorite ways to get inspired is to sit in cafes and coffee shops and eavesdrop. I’ve learned to be quite good at not getting caught. : )

Q – Have you written any stories?

A – Yes, my short story The Unseen Wonder has been published in a fantasy anthology, Gaslight: A Golden Light Anthology. I also had a YA contemporary, Tokyo Dare, traditionally published. I have two indie published fantasy series. One is a heaven based fantasy, Nine Lives Part One & Two. The other is a genie time-travel story, Jin In Time Parts One & Two.

Q – What are they about?

A – Nine Lives is about eighteen-year-old Taylor. There are only two things she knows for sure: ONE: She’s dead. TWO: Heaven looks like a run-down version of the Las Vegas Strip. The more she discovers about a heaven full of teens like her, the more mysterious it becomes—especially when her afterlife coach turns out to be her tyrannical fifth grade teacher. Plagued by questions her whole life, Taylor finds Heaven prompts even more. When Taylor tries to solve the mysteries of Heaven as it slowly crumbles around her, she learns there are dark forces at work behind the celestial show…and they are after her.

Jin In Time is about seventeen-year-old Esme. When her guardian grandmother dies she’s forced to move in with a father she hardly knows. The only thing she has left of her grandmother is an antique vase. She rubs it for good luck and out pops a bowler-hatted genie! Jin guarantees he’ll do whatever it takes to make her happy. Esme hopes to turn her luck around now that she has a genie to help her deal with her problems. But she soon realizes the wishes are powered by Victorian-era magic. And she thought having a genie would be fun.
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