FantasyCon Mini-Interview with Rhissanna Collins, Artist, Author, Reader and Blogger.

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Are you an Artist, Author, Reader, or blogger?

I’m tempted to say all four, in that order. I have to do the art. I want to do the writing; they’re different creative urges. As for a reading, imagine a life without it? Ugh…! Blogging? It’s opened up a whole new world on the internet.

If you could create your own fantasy world, what creatures would you have in it?

Dangerous ones. I’m a little tired of the softening of creatures that were born, let’s be frank, from our darkest fears and imaginings. Cute dragons? Sexy but boyfriend-able vampires? Werewolves that have puppy dog hearts? No! Something scary and malicious, please, or they’re not really monsters at all. They’re just talking lizards and lovers with an iron deficiency.

What inspires you?

Visual images have a huge impact, which makes Pinterest a very deep rabbit hole. I love music which spontaneously creates a narrative, as story-creation isn’t my strong point (which is why I co-write with Ben Marsten).

Have you written any stories? If so, please tell us about them.

My first MS, ever, got me a literary agent (before e-publishing took off) but no offers to put to print. I ought to re-write it.

Since then, I’ve embarked on my unravelling saga about a kitchen maid who becomes a harlot, and the Mabel Bunt novels, about a harlot who becomes, well, something else. The choice of profession for these two heroines is purely coincidental, honest.

Find Mabel Here:…/…/B00V02GOZ2

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