FantasyCon Mini-Interview with Sharon Gibbs, Author, and Reader.

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Q – Are you an Author, Blogger, Reader, or Artist?

A – Hi, For years, I was an avid reader. Mostly I read Historical Romance until a friend lent me a fantasy novel. I fell in love with the characters and the fantasy worlds authors created and a few years ago I found the passion to write. So now I’m an author as well as an avid reader.

Q – What inspires you about fantasy?

A – Everything about fantasy is inspirational from the colourful characters to the endless creation of creatures. Far off lands with sweeping plains to the icy mountains and the endless desert sands. From robust heroes and heroines to the many villians needed to fuel a story and the quests are endless. But most of all I’m inspired by the author’s imagination.

Q – If you were trapped in Shannara or Middle Earth for a month and couldn’t get out, what fantasy creature would you want to have with you?

A – Wow, that’s a hard question. If I had no special powers, I’d like to have a Griffin. This powerful creature could hunt for food and I could ride on its back. It would also prove to be a great defender if we found ourselves in trouble.
Q – Have you written any stories? If so please tell us about them.

A – So far on my writing journey I have completed one novel Bound to Survive. An epic fantasy tale which spans generations and sees the hero of the story living under oppressive rule until a secret is revealed…a journey begins…and a choice is made. A choice which will be for all in the realm.

The first draft of the sequel, Resurrection of an Empire, is nearly finished and I have written part one of the prequel Beginnings, which you can grab for free at this link:.
You just need to let me know where to send it. Available in Mobi and Pdf formats.

Thank you for including me in the Fantasycon mini interview
Sharon Gibbs

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