FantasyCon Mini-Interview with Mark McQuillen, Author and Reader

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Q – Are you a Reader, Blogger, Author, or Artist?

A – Reader an now author of Valkyrie: Darkness Awaits, Happy Samhain everybody!

Q – What books, movies or authors, inspire you?

A – Anything Epic Fantasy, There are so many wow, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Robert Jordan Tolkien, all. For my birthday one year I got to see the three d. I MAX version of Avatar. That was the most intense thing I’d ever seen I felt like I’d run a marathon.

Q – If you could disappear into any fantasy world for a month, which would you choose?

A – Fantasy world to disappear into try the Silmarrillion: JRR Tolkien His world’s genesis tale about the Sin of Pride and the darkness it brings to Arda. Where Sauron is just a servant and Galadriel was a teenager.

Q – Have you written any stories? If so, please tell us about them.

A – Yes I have a book out called Valkyrie: Darkness Awaits.
The premise of the book is that In the Norse myth the Valkyrie are the choosers of the Slain and served mead to the dead heroes in Vallahalla. Now when the Norse stopped worshipping them the Valkyrie just kept right on choosing, because men kept slaughtering each other in droves. So for the last oh a thousand years they’ve had there pick of the greatest warriors both male and female oh I don’t know the last thousand years.
And that’s where the whole idea started.…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

That’s Kindle and smash word’s…/…/ref=sr_1_1…Valkyrie 2 :

If you go to the pages you will see the new covers done by the one ST Hanes check it out!


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