FantasyCon Mini-Interview with Laura Woodswalker, Blogger, Author, Artist and Reader

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Q – Are you an Author, Blogger, Artist, or Reader?

A – All of the above, but mostly Author.

Q – What fantasy stories have influenced you most?

A – Classic science fiction, like Asimov’s Foundation series.

Q – If you were able to transform into any creature you wanted, which would you choose?

A – Maybe a mutant with telepathy or teleportation. Or else, an Earth Elemental.

Q – Have you written any stories lately? If so, please share with us.

A – I wrote a classic style science fiction story,’ TESLA’S SIGNAL.
‘Visionary Inventor Nikola Tesla sent a signal to Mars. What happened when they answered? Electric Wizard…Mad Scientist…Public Enemy #1!”
It was published in April. Now I am working on the sequel, ‘TESLA’S WAVELENGTH’. . or

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