FantasyCon Mini-Interview with Nadja Losbohm

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Q – Are you a Reader, Author, Artist, or Blogger?

A – I’m an avid reader and author, who like to see herself as an artist.

Q – What is your favorite fantasy story or movie of all time, and why?

A – There are many great fantasy movies and stories, but my favorite one is “ A Neverending Story” by Michael Ende. I was a kid when I first saw the movie and still remember how fascinated I was. The idea of a reader becoming part of the story, becoming the savior of a fantastic world and recreating it by making wishes is so great. And I loved the characters and creatures like the Giant Turlte Morla or Falkor the Luckdragon.

Q – If you were trapped in a fantasy world and in danger with no way out, what creature would you want to have as your best buddy?

A – Maybe Falkor the Luckdragon would be a great buddy, I think. Or Aslan the great Lion from “The Chronicles of Narnia”.

Q – Have you written any stories? If so, please tell us about them.

A – Yes, I wrote a few stories and have published eight books for the young and young at heart so far. As I come from Germany, they are mostly written in German, but I also have one English book, called “The Huntress – The Beginnings”. It’s the first part of an Urban Fantasy Romance series of books of which I published five parts in German. “The Huntress” is about an average young woman, who finds out she’s the chosen one to protect people from the creatures of the night, monsters, demons and vampires. She has to give up her former life and starts her training with an enigmatic and unapproachable priest. “The Huntress” has got lots of different elements: action, suspense, romance, humor, mystery, drama, conflict. I would love to translate the following books as well. I also wrote some short stories in English, which you can find on Inkitt.

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