Here’s some of the “goodies” you can get, just for attending the Virtual #FantasyCon

If you’re on social media, here’s a badge you can proudly display to show your support.

Each day there will be a scavenger hunt with clues provided by the authors.  Some will lead to their Facebook pages, some to their Amazon pages, a few to blogs, or samples of their books.  There are massive amounts of prizes rumored to be available for this, and you might even be able to claim the honor of proudly displaying this badge.

Each day there will be a cosplay “booth” set up with the theme for the day.  Participants have a chance to win prizes for their day, and a grand prize at the end of the event.  Who knows, if you participate, you might even get to claim the honor of displaying this badge as well!

Saved the best for last.  This one, everyone can proudly display just for showing up every day, and saying “hi” to the authors.  Easy, right?  And, with so much to do, see, and interact with, how hard will it be to earn this honor?


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