FantasyCon Mini-Interview with Jim Webster

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Q – Are you a Blogger, Author, Artist, or Reader?

A – Sadly I’m all of them. I spent decades as a reader, then I turned to writing Fantasy and Sci-Fi. Now I have a blog as well.

Q – What is your earliest memory of fantasy or sci-fi as a genre?

A – I suppose they were the Faraway Tree stories I read as a child ( , but I also read Jules Verne when I was a little older, as well as Peter Pan. I was given Lord of the Rings when I was about fourteen and loved it. The first fantasy/SF book I purchased myself was Jack Vance, ‘The Dragon Masters,’ and after that I never looked back.

Q – Which fantasy authors inspire you?

A – Jack Vance is for me one of the all time greats. Basically he covers Fantasy and SF and bridges the divide between them. Then there is Lord Dunsany wrote some fabulous short stories which are available on Project Gutenberg. Also, inevitably, there is Tolkien. I think of him as someone you should be prepared to measure yourself again, not somebody to copy.

Q – Have you written any stories? If so, please tell us about them.

A – I’ve written four full length fantasy novels, some Fantasy detective short stories, and two SF books. All are available on Amazon, most as paperbacks as well as ebooks. My fantasy world, the Land of the Three seas is a world with some magic, some technology, and I guarantee no elves, dwarves or hobbits. The books follow the adventures of various individuals. Some characters appear in more than one book but the books can be read in any order.
No worlds are saved but generally the protagonists are trying to do the right thing, sometimes in a round-about sort of way. I have been reliably informed they contain elements of dry humour.

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Have a good day all.


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