FantasyCon Mini-Interview with Marc Royston

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Q – .Are you an Author, Reader, Artist, or Blogger?

A – I am an Author, a Blogger, a Fantasist, and an avid Reader. And a human being … provided I’ve had my coffee.

Q – What about the fantasy and sci-fi genres inspires you?

A – Fantasy delves into “what cannot be”. Science fiction considers “what is not as yet”. Both genres require the ability to conceive and to accept that which does not exist.

I love to engage myself and my readers in worlds that we cannot enter other than through our dreams. The challenge inspires me. Raising the limits of imagination inspires me. To explore our reality, our humanity, our civilization and our time, a journey through infinite possibility allows us to step back and gain an unfiltered perception, absent the barriers of convention. Fantasy and SciFi are doorways beyond the mundane that take us into worlds of fascination, delight, and surprise. When the boundaries of reality are lifted, when we allow ourselves to believe in the unbelievable, then we lower our defenses, our egos vanish, and we are receptive to new ideas that we might not otherwise allow to enter. And in that process, we are exposed to naked truth.

Q – If you could live in any fantasy world, which one would you choose?

A – They tend to be rather dire, don’t they? The tropes are not the most hospitable: a supernatural evil; monsters prowling in the yard; poor amenities. I mean, who would opt to forego indoor plumbing? Or air conditioning? *Shudder* *Think about it; and shudder yet again* As it is, I hesitate to answer the knocking at my door in this ordinary world from which I draw breath. What if it really was a Ringwraith and not just a pesky peddler who was rap-rap-rapping on my chamber door?

Uhhh … no thanks.

I would gladly visit Alfheim, Atlantis, Barsoom, Blefuscu, Camelot, Discworld, Dreamlands, Earthsea, Fantasia, Forbidden Planet, Hyperborea, Lilliput, Middle-Earth, Midgard, Multiverse, Neverland, Oz, Pellucidar, Pern, Riverworld, Shannara, Tamriel, Thieves World, Vanaheim, Verse, Well World, Westeros, Wonderland, Xanadu, and Xanth … but I would live in NONE of them.

The joy of reading fantasy is the joy of exploration—not the joy of nesting.

That being said, I might retire on Risa. Interesting diversions there. And no taxes!

–Have you written any stories? If so, please tell us about them.

There are too many to mention. My latest:

Hecate’s Faun, a dark fantasy, now available in eBook and softcover on Amazon at:

“While Savannah burns on the horizon and the final battle of the Civil War is fought, an old woman discovers the corpse of a satyr floating in her pond. When a confederate officer arrives and claims the body is a demon, the homicidal ghost of the old woman’s daughter instigates a night of horror and recrimination while crimes long hidden and secrets too terrible for the light of day are revealed.”

The Wizard Ignites (Vol. I of A Wizard’s Life), an adult epic fantasy, is in pre-publication. We have a crowdfunding campaign to finance the edits scheduled for November 2015.
“Accused of being a witch and of murdering the girl he loves, a naïve young farmer faces the terrible cost of his gift for magic. While on trial for his life, Götling unravels a web of intrigues spun by wizards, gods, and royals. If he can overcome his persecutors and gain admittance into the Academy of Arcane Arts, Götling might yet learn to control his fiery power and become the instrument to decide all wars.

The Piper of the Dead invades the Empire. The Shadow Queen and her demon army prepare to escape their long imprisonment. And an insane goddess plots to overthrow her peers.

The time foretold has come. Afire, a reluctant hero rises into legend.”

The Wizard Ignites, an adult epic fantasy, was a Short List Finalist, Novel-In-Progress, in the 2011 William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition.

A Sample Chapter and Audio Link for The Wizard Ignites can be found on my blog at:…/09/05/listen-to-the-wizard-ignites/

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I love to connect with my readers and with fans of fantasy and with my fellow authors. The door is always open, and a kettle is on the stove. Drop by and say “Hello.”

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