FantasyCon Mini-Interview with Auden Johnson

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Q – Are you a Reader, Author, Blogger, or Artist?

A – I’m actually all four. I’ve been losing myself in books since I was a kid. I’ve published several dark fantasy books. I’ve been blogging for about 5 years now and I design my own book cover and book images.

Q – If you could live as a functioning part of any fantasy world, which would you choose, and what would you be?

A – The first thing that comes to mind is Harry Potter. I’d be a witch pre-book 5. Though, I doubt I’d jump ship when Voldemort comes back.
Q – What Authors have influenced you most?

A – Anne Bishop, I love her characters. They live in the area between good and evil. I also like Mark Lawrence for the same reason.

Q – Have you written any stories? If so, please share them with us.

A – I’ve written several stories, most are short stories or novellas. The novel series is The Merging Worlds Series, Book 1 The Sciell Book 2 Chains of the Sciell



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