FantasyCon Mini-Interview with Tessa McFionn

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Q – Are you a Blogger, Author, Artist, or Reader?

A – I am a reader and and author.

Q – What is your earliest memory of fantasy or sci-fi as a genre?

A – Between seeing Fantasia at age five and being inspired by watching the conductor make the sun rise, and listening as my mom read The Hobbit to me and my brother, I was destined to live outside the real world.

Q – Which fantasy authors inspire you?

A – So many of them. Tolkein would be the first, followed closely by Terry Brooks, whom I had the pleasure of talking to just this past summer. Since my works are romantic in nature, gonna throw Sherrilyn Kenyon into that list of top authors.

Q – Have you written any stories? If so, please tell us about them.

A – I have two books currently out, Spirit Fall and Spirit Bound. They are the first two installments in The Guardians series, where immortal heroes still exist and battle the agents of chaos to keep us free to choose our own side. They fight until they find their spiritmate, the one who calls to their immortal soul and can return them to a mortal life. But, as in any good story, things aren’t ever that easy. I’m also tinkering with a sci-fi trilogy that I am lovingly calling the Wizard of Oz meets Star Wars. Really excited about this one.

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