FantasyCon Mini-Interview with Nina Falkestav

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Q – Are you a Reader, Author, Artist, or Blogger?

A- I’m first and foremost an author at the moment. I love reading, but sadly, I find I often have to choose between reading and writing, since it seems there are no more than 24 hours in a day.

Q – What fantasy stories and Authors have influenced you most?

A- I think Neil Gaiman, with his book ”The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents, J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter books, Oscar Wilde- who write gothic stories (which, in a way I see as the fantasy of the 19 and early 20th century) and to some extent Sir Terry Pratchett. I’m also very influence by folk- and fairy tales and old myths and legends; almost more so than by other writers and stories. And I LOVE books on storytelling techniques of different kinds.

Q – If you could be the heroine in any fantasy or sci-fi story, which would you choose?

A- Probably the Harry Potter or the Narnia worlds

Q – What inspires you?

A- Life , the universe and the number 42 (see, there’s a Terry Pratchett reference for you) But to be serious, all sorts of things depending on what kind of inspiration I need. Since I’m currently writing about a group of cats, my own cats influence me quite a bit (I have seven cats, and a foolishly brave parrot. I also used to breed guinea pigs and I have a diploma in animal husbandry.)

I’m also inspired a lot by nature and the people around me and I’m a sucker for documentaries, both on nature/animals and other subjects.

Q – Have you written any stories? If so, please tell us about them.

A- Yes, I have written many, since I have been writing since I learned to write, more or less.
The ones that are written for publication and are finished, are two picture books (though they both currently lack pictures.) I am now working on a story that may best be classified as either Midde Grade or Young Adult fantasy.

They are all written in Swedish, since that is my native tongue, but I’m hoping to either translate them myself, or have them translated to English once the MG/YA is finished.
They all feature cats in major roles, obviously

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