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Veronica Castle Hello, everyone! Welcome to Paranormal Monday with Crimson Cloak Publishing

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We have a great Paranormal book for you, a children’s book called Who Is The Gray Man? by Rod Martinez
He is a legend. He is a mystery. And he can only be seen by children. Ten year old “TJ” is about to embark…
Children love the paranormal: here’s one from Melissa Harker Ridenour Children’s Books – Scary Ghosts and Playful Ghosts: Children’s Tales of Fright and Delight, in which entertaining ghost stories are followed by a section weighing up the two sides: do you believe in Ghosts or Not? Read this to find out!…
Here are six ghostly tales by Melissa Harker Ridenour to delight children, with a chapter discussing the…
There are some extremely odd stories in Steps In Time that count as Paranormal … wink emoticon This was volume 2 of the The Crimson Cloak Anthologies
And you can’t have a Paranormal Monday without mentioning our extremely odd Halloween anthology just out: Consuming Tales has more than one ghost story in it! This was volume 4 of the The Crimson Cloak Anthologies
Consuming Tales is a compilation of eerie tales by various authors, sold to benefit the charity World Child…
Here’s a very paranormal book: from talented author Fergus Macroich comes I AM LAUREN, a down-the-rabbithole dreamlike tale to intrigue the psyche
Crimson Cloak Publishing offers a wide range of great books for all tastes
Could religion be considered Paranormal if it’s extrapolation? If a new gospel had been discovered WRITTEN BY MARY MOTHER OF CHRIST, would it be something like Carlos Solorzano‘s book I Am His Mother? This book is one of our giveaways for the FantasyCon, contact carly@crimsoncloakpublishing to ask for your e-copy!
What if there were another gospel that had lain hidden for millennia? What if Saint Mary, mother of God, had…
Here’s a treat for paranormal fans: billed as a children’s book but a lovely heartwarming read at any age, from William Hunt, comes Fourth Floor Please.
When eleven year old Will Fellows is asked to go to a store employee reunion with his great-grandmother,…
Little Big Toe, a children’s book for children by Wesley Tallant, veers into the paranormal. One to really get you thinking
Little Big Toe’s small body holds a big heart: he is always helping others. Now he will fulfill his destiny.…
In the first of The Crimson Cloak Anthologiesanthologies, a children’s volume called Glodwyn’s Treasure Chest, there is a clever little story by author B. Well called Curiosity and the Two Princes, where a little girl physically enters the world in the storybook she is reading. But she is reading a history book about the Princes in the Tower, and their executioners are on the way … Is she dreaming or is this real? Her friend Curiosity thinks it’s real ……
That nifty cover for Who Is the Gray Man, by Rod Martinez, was done by Robert Lorenz Gustilo, with Art panels in the story by Ambrosius Yunias
He is a legend. He is a mystery. And he can only be seen by children. Ten year old “TJ” is about to embark…
If you prefer lighter paranormal stories, Mr. Ghost Man is a story from our romantic summer charity Anthology Love Matters, by Patrick Shanahan Sr, about a man who is taken for a ghost …
Catch Erma Odrach‘s ghost story The Bakery House in Alaska or Bust, and Other Stories, available to pre-order now…
A collection of stories from the far north, some humorous and some moving, Alaska or Bust, by Erma Odrach,…
Some people believe Faith Healing is Paranormal. This non-fiction book written by Brian O’Hare will give you something to think about. Try The Miracle Ship, if you think you don’t believe in healing by faith alone …
Here is the worthy charity that benefits from all sales of CONSUMING TALES, our charity volume of Halloween stories
And for Steps in Time, this was the charity. Support them by buying The Crimson Cloak Anthologies!
or join us in Paying It Forward
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