Epic Wednesday Drabble competition

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Kasey Mart

Fairy Portal

A little girl was playing in the back yard with her sister. She hid behind a Bush since they were playing hide and seek. Kali waited for Maggie to come find her. Soon she feel asleep.
When Kali woke up she wasn’t in her yard any more and
she was older now. She was in a strange place. A male came up to her.
“Princess you’ve returned”
Kali couldn’t speak. Instead she followed the man to the palace. As she walked with him she noticed everyone was wearing wings.
“Is this a Halloween party?”
“No princess. This is home. This is Avalon. Where fairies and fae can live freely”


Judy L. Nelson

The Lamentable Necklace

Janine regretted her walk with Cash. It began as a park stroll but turned into a visit to the cemetery. To make matters worse, Janine is flabbergasted at Cash’s disrespectful behavior.

“I just found Gayle’s birthday present!” Cash exclaimed as he takes a necklace on top of a tombstone. The vermilion pendant looked iridescent and gave off an eerie glow.

“Are you crazy? There’s a reason why that’s there. Put it back!” Janine demanded, but Cash puts the necklace in his pocket.

Upon leaving, Janine ponders about Cash’s irrational decision and simultaneously feels like a sliver of her soul drifted away.


Hilary Anderson


Visitng the necromancer was always interesting. The food, the horses, the guards all rotting away in the dark. but he had a lively sense of humour and no one could grudge him his moods. Guarding the cursed dead in the valley below would task anyone. The occasional visit with sunlight, fruit and music was the least of debts to pay.For as long as the gates hold.


Brenda Rezk


Fly away, my pretties, fly away,
for you have done well today.

You’ve kept them safe from fiend and foe
and tucked them in for sleep to go.

To the fairy circle now we fly
to dance beneath a moonlit sky.

Rejoice, rejoice, the season’s turn,
as the leaves with red and orange burn.

Eat and drink tonight your fill,
then snuggle in to avoid the chill.

Slumber deep, my woodland sprites,
through shortest days and longest nights,

‘Til green shoots forth once more
and day and night reverse their score.

Awake, awake now, dears,
to new life’s springtime cheers!


Rhissanna Collins


Scarlett got the foodstamp card for Gran, taking a detour through the Woodland Mall, though Ma said to go straight there and not stop for anything.

The mall was quiet but for some guy, hanging around in a grey coat. He gave her a wink.

“Where you going in that cute red hoodie, luv?” he asked her, grinning.

“To me Gran‘s; not that it’s your business!”

The man gave an old-fashion bow and left on loping strides.

At Gran’s house Scarlett saw yellow police tape. She also saw Mall Guy, wearing Gran’s frillies and clutching a gut wound.

Score one for Gran.


Rebecca Bingham


A horrible nasty beast. Scruffy and mangy. How could anyone love such a creature? He was covered in filth. His clothes ripped to shreds, almost as if someone had clawed them. And those large ears, how unseemly! The pointed teeth certainly didn’t help the look of the thing.

And yet, I cannot be rid of it, this horrid thing. How could I? Not when she cares for it so.

As I tuck in my sweet daughter, I hand her the stuffed, practically demolished, dog. How do you say no to such a sweet girl, so kind and true. Of course we’ll keep the beast.


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