Fairytale Thursday Drabble competition

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Marcia Bucktin


The night was cold and raining as the shadow of the man walks down the street. The man looked neither left or right as he continued down the street. He was dressed all in black and if you looked at him very closely you could see that he was over 6ft 6 with dark chocolate skin, with a very muscular build.
As he continued down the road, the quiet of the night was broken by the sound of his phone ringing.
He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone.
” hello Nick here “
For a moment everything was quiet again and then……
” for crying out loud ..Yes I know you want chocolate ice cream Ironman. Thor wants strawberry and black widow banana now get off my phone….


Kimberly-Reader Vanderbloom


Gor the first time I wasn’t embarrassed that my dad was a doomsday prepper. When the world collapsed, we were on board a yacht. We made our down to Brazil when our engine failed. We were drifting. In the distance I could see an island. We had no choice, we jumped overboard and swam to the island. Exhausted, I turned and looked at the jungle. There were hundreds of small eyes looking back at me. We were on Snake Island where the golden lancehead vipers mutated.


Kasey Mart

Strange Things

A weeks ago something strange and unexplainable happened to me and my friends. We were out in the woods smoking a blunt when a plane flew over head and dropped something. Of course me and my friends went and checked it out. It looked like a meteor but it was glowing purple. As soon as my friends touched it it exploded. Three hours later we woke up with a Purple glowing Mark on our shoulders and gifts. Now the government is after us.


Amy Riddle- DeClerck


Ash covers everything. We bleed dust. Somewhere in the past is a memory of sunshine and stars. That is gone now, too. There are three of us left; Jessica, Jeremiah and Julie. Three Js. Does that matter? Probably not. We don’t say names anymore. We don’t talk. Hunger has been stalking us, famine on his tail and death at our door. When the world ended I was me, but now I am only a human. One of the last, I think. Jessica is weak and Jeremiah dull. I might be the only one who makes it. But do I want to? I know I’m too stubborn to give up, but maybe that’s worse. Hanging on til there’s nothing left but starvation. Drinking my own piss until it runs out too. Sometimes being strong is a curse.


Rebecca Bingham


Tired. So tired. How am I suppose to keep going? This place is like a deathtrap, he thought angrily. He stepped over a smaller piece of rubble, carefully avoiding the sharp edges. Remnants of the city’s courthouse lay just ahead.

That’s where he was suppose to meet her, this supposed ‘savior’. How ironic, he thought, chuckling. As if this city needed saving now. Better late than never doesn’t really apply once everyone is dead.

He’d heard she made a deal. It was hard to know for sure what was truth and what was wishful thinking though. The few people he’d spoken to and helped out couldn’t say for sure but they thought she was going to get them out of here. He couldn’t see how without giving into their demands, giving up all they held dear.

As he got closer he noticed a sound, faintly at first but steadily getting louder. What the hell, he thought. Nothing like announcing your position to everyone! She was going to get him killed. Women!

Crouching next to the building he slowly moved along the wall and peeked around the corner. There she was. Beautiful really. If only he could take her back to his hideout! Impossible of course but a man could dream, right?

And there next to her was the one responsible for allowing all the racket. Cam. “Hey!” he called out. “Are you trying to get us caught?” She smiled and lifted a gun he hadn’t noticed, pointing it right at him. “Sorry Nick,” she said, “but I have to. You’re the sacrifice.”

Shit. Maybe she did have what it takes to save those that were left. If only he hadn’t been staring at that car maybe he would have noticed the gun. Too late, he felt the bullet enter his chest. The last thing he heard was the purr of that engine.


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