Paranormal Monday Drabble competition

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Ashley Martinez


I awoke every night at 3:33am to a tapping noise upstairs. Armed with a flashlight I was prepared to investigate this time. As soon as the sound began I hurried to the attic. I pulled open the door and peered through. My flashlight beam lite the room. The tapping stopped. I flicked it in that direction. I dropped the flashlight and ran. Once I got in my room, I rocked back and forth. It wasn’t real. It couldn’t be. I saw myself hanging from the end of the rope. I couldn’t be dead yet I couldn’t leave this house.


Kimberly-Reader Vanderbloom


As I stared down the mouth of this firey demon I wonder what I could have done different. How did I wind up facing off with the demon Xaphon. Yesterday all I could think about was coming home to beautiful wife. Now she is gone and I am forced into the discussion of fight the evil or join it. I’m tired, too tired to fight. I relax letting the demon consume me. It was an inferno inside my body but watching my soul leave was more painful. I’m just a shell of evil. What did I do?


Kasey Jo

Part from Silent Demon

Brair hasn’t been the same since the accident. She is always quite, she doesn’t eat and now she’s sneaking out late and the next day something terrible happens. Every time we hear about a tragic accident on the new
s Brair comes in and smiles.
Tonight she snuck out and came back covered in blood. She was standing over my bed head turned. Hunger in her eyes. When I turned on the light she was sitting in bed looking at me. I’m scared to go to sleep.



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