Sci-Fi Sunday Drabble competition

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Kasey Mart

The Mark

I have a mark. And it’s the only thing that has kept me alive. I also live two lives. One normal with all my friends. The other paranormal. I run with wolves and fight vampires. I’ve tried to keep my two lives separate. But that ended two da
ys ago.
I was walking to my friends house to party when this bitch vampire attacked me. She nearly killed me. My friends found me bleeding in the breezeway at the apartment complex. They took me home. Derek my sorta werewolf boyfriend. Showed up. Told him his vampire girlfriend attacked me. I passed out. Derek ended up telling all my friends about my other life. I hate him for it


W. K. Pomeroy

Immortal Pain

If I had not met her, loved her, married her, I would not have cried when she died and I lived on, forever.


Ashley Martinez


The light blinked twice. The test was over. I opened the hatch taking my first step into the unknown. The area now deemed safe. Would others dare step out or was I as deserted as this landscape?

Sci-fi Sunday


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