Steam Punk Saturday Drabble competition

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Kasey Mart

Scene from my book The Night Family-

I was pissed beyound pissed. My boyfriend’s ex who is also my enemy is pregnant with his child. Could things get any worse? I was so pissed that I left my house without saying anything and went to see Alin. He knew right away something was wrong when he seen me.
“Let’s go to the dungeon” he said it was a vampire bar.
“No i don’t want to”
“What do you want love”
“You” I said I walk up to him and kiss his neck.
“Kassie” he says
“He slept with someone so it’s my turn”


Don Ford

A Story To Tell

I was a late nightscribe. Maybe it was the routine of tea before bedtime that kept me up and burning the late night oil. When I got a story going in my head, I was persistent in laying down the ink.Then something queer happened. I remember it was a Friday night, and I had fallen asleep writing a new chapter, “In Harms Way”. When I woke up in the morning, the chapter was finished. I don’t mean I finished it; someone or something else had stayed up all night and completed the tale I was spinning.


Kelly Erickson

A Halloween story.

I was driving to my Mom’s on Halloween when I saw a disheveled man hitchhiking. I stopped and asked where he was going.
“To the train station.” He said.
I waved him into the car. “The train station is the other way. Come on. I’ll give you a lift.”
He can’t figure out how to put the seatbelt on. “I never been in a fancy new car like this.”
My old SUV is 12 years old. Okaaaayyy…
He starts telling me he didn’t think people stopped for hitchhikers any more. “Special wise a girl.” He asked where he needed to go to get a BART pass. He had a strong southern accent so I guessed he hadn’t used our Bay Area Rapid Transit before. I explained how to get a ticket. He gives up on the seatbelt and starts searching all the pockets on his baggy camouflage cargo pants. About that time I started to wonder if it was a good idea to pick up a hitchhiker in front of the county mental hospital.


Kimberly-Reader Vanderbloom


With a kiss of her cheek I left. I knew I would never see her again but I needed to kiss her one last time. I was heading out to sea. All boys were considered men at 16. The forced everyone into a draft. Of course I got picked to go to the sea. I’m scared of water, sea dragons and petrified of tge mermaids. Those mermaids will steal the skin off a young man like me. With a deep breath I aboard the ship to meet my new destiny.


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