A Drabble is a short work of fiction of around one hundred words in length, not necessarily including the title. The purpose of the drabble is brevity, testing the writer’s ability to express interesting and meaningful ideas in a confined space.

There will be a new drabble competition each day of FantasyCon.  We’ve had a preview competition among the authors participating in the preview event (Yes, we’ve an ongoing event before the big one).

Rick Haynes won this one, but there will be others to participate in.

The winning Drabble in the preview event by Rick Haynes

Spectral Morning

As the dew gently caressed the leaves in the wood, a soft light slowly grew inFairytale Thursday luminance. The coalescing sparkles began to take the shape of a young girl. A pure white gown swished and swirled around her as she moved towards the graveyard, her slender feet leaving no tracks in the soft soil.
The fresh grave had been hastily re-filled but all her attention was focused on the sobbing cries of a terrified infant.
Holding out her hands to the cold earth, she spoke soothingly.
“Come forth you beautiful child, for I will take you to your true home.”


Sci-fi SundayWinning Drabble for Sci-Fi Sunday by Kasey Mart

The Mark

I have a mark. And it’s the only thing that has kept me alive. I also live two lives. One normal with all my friends. The other paranormal. I run with wolves and fight vampires. I’ve tried to keep my two lives separate. But that ended two da
ys ago.
I was walking to my friends house to party when this bitch vampire attacked me. She nearly killed me. My friends found me bleeding in the breezeway at the apartment complex. They took me home. Derek my sorta werewolf boyfriend. Showed up. Told him his vampire girlfriend attacked me. I passed out. Derek ended up telling all my friends about my other life. I hate him for it

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Winning Drabble for Paranormal Monday by Kimberly-Reader VanderbloomParanormal Monday


As I stared down the mouth of this firey demon I wonder what I could have done different. How did I wind up facing off with the demon Xaphon. Yesterday all I could think about was coming home to beautiful wife. Now she is gone and I am forced into the discussion of fight the evil or join it. I’m tired, too tired to fight. I relax letting the demon consume me. It was an inferno inside my body but watching my soul leave was more painful. I’m just a shell of evil. What did I do?

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Dark TuesdayWinning Drabble for Dark Tuesday by Desireé Moon

The Journey

My cloak swirled about my shoulders. An icy wind burned my cheeks, forcing a deep choke of air from my lungs. I lost everything. No one survived. With no other choice, I abandoned the only home I knew. Snow-capped valleys filled with orcs await me. Wraiths who live in the wood seek to steal my soul. But I do not fear the monsters ahead. I fear the fear. I fear the rage roiling inside.
Have I the strength to go on? Have I the strength to survive?

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Winning Drabble for Epic Wednesday by Judy L. NelsonEpic Wednesday

The Lamentable Necklace

Janine regretted her walk with Cash. It began as a park stroll but turned into a visit to the cemetery. To make matters worse, Janine is flabbergasted at Cash’s disrespectful behavior.

“I just found Gayle’s birthday present!” Cash exclaimed as he takes a necklace on top of a tombstone. The vermilion pendant looked iridescent and gave off an eerie glow.

“Are you crazy? There’s a reason why that’s there. Put it back!” Janine demanded, but Cash puts the necklace in his pocket.

Upon leaving, Janine ponders about Cash’s irrational decision and simultaneously feels like a sliver of her soul drifted away.

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Fairytale ThursdayWinning Drabble for Fairytale Thursday by Kasey Mart

Strange Things

A weeks ago something strange and unexplainable happened to me and my friends. We were out in the woods smoking a blunt when a plane flew over head and dropped something. Of course me and my friends went and checked it out. It looked like a meteor but it was glowing purple. As soon as my friends touched it it exploded. Three hours later we woke up with a Purple glowing Mark on our shoulders and gifts. Now the government is after us.

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Winning Drabble for Urban Friday by Varsi Richardson AppelUrban Friday


The sun glinted off the shiny copper tubing that comprised the circulatory system of the old airship. Citrine squinted trying to see the docking station attached to the Tower of London. It had been 150 long years since she had set eyes on her beloved home base. She had heard in her absence the Sentinels were having trouble holding the city against the Robathions, robot warriors from the north intent on taking London by force.
Citrine heard a voice calling her name. Turning towards the sound she spotted her sister, Magenta, running towards her through the waiting crowd. She opened her arms just in time to catch Magenta as she leapt into her arms. She hugged her right and whispered, “I’m home. I’m finally home. “

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Steampunk SaturdayWinning Drabble for Steam Punk Saturday by Don Ford

A Story To Tell

I was a late nightscribe. Maybe it was the routine of tea before bedtime that kept me up and burning the late night oil. When I got a story going in my head, I was persistent in laying down the ink.Then something queer happened. I remember it was a Friday night, and I had fallen asleep writing a new chapter, “In Harms Way”. When I woke up in the morning, the chapter was finished. I don’t mean I finished it; someone or something else had stayed up all night and completed the tale I was spinning.

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Winning Drabble for YA Sunday by Kimberly-Reader VanderbloomYA Sunday


I tried to grab on to something as I fell. It was so dark. I tried to scream but nothing but air came out. I prepared myself for the landing, if I was going to die I hope it would be quick. All of a sudden I started to fall slower almost floating. My feet touch the ground first. It was soft like walking on new plush carpet. I looked at my surroundings. The sky was purple with teal clouds. There were vivid pink trees. How could I have landed in Wonderland? Wonderland doesn’t exist or does it?

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