We now have the line up of artists to present!

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Roy Mauristen (Epic Wednesday)
Q – Are you a Reader, Author, Artist, or blogger?
A – Artist and Author. I’ve been an artist since I could hold a crayon. I studied fine art throughout school and I’m a graphic designer and photographer which is a professional day job I’m also the Art Director for Padwolf Publishing and Perseid Press, two small press publishers. I’ve also written a two-book “series” called Shards Of The Glass Slipper, along with a few published short stories.

Q – What is the first fantasy book you remember reading, or the first movie you remember watching?
A – I was reading Alice in Wonderland, Cat in the Hat and choose your own adventure books, comic books also, The basic 1981 edition books of Dungeons and Dragons should also be on this list. I was growing up this is going back to when I was 7 or 8 years old. One of my earliest recollection of going to the movies was to see a disney release of Peter Pan. Also “One Of Our Dinosaurs is Missing” and “Herbie the love bug”. My most vivid recollection is seeing Jaws at a drive in.. I was sitting on the roof of the car and when the shark popped out of the water, I actually fell off the back of the car! ( ah growing up in the’70’s… good times! )

Q – Have you written any fantasy stories? If so, please tell us about them.
A – I have an Epic fairy tale fantasy adventure in two books called Shards Of The Glass Slipper. Book I Queen Cinder is about General Snow White and her dwarves resistance army trying to stop the Tyrannical Queen Cinderella in her quest for power that would destroy the whole kingdom. Their only hope to stop queen Cinder is a band of fairy tale heroes and a young girl named Patience Muffet who carries the legendary Shards of The Glass Slipper and the dark secret of who killed the last of the fairy god mothers. In Book II Queen Alice the kingdom is invaded by Queen Alice’s army from the realm of Wonderland. But is this invasion just in retaliation to Queen Cinder’s plans or the staging of a coup to unseat Alice’s 300 year rule over Wonderland?

Book I: Queen Cinder is available in ebook and as an enhanced audiobook with music and sound effects on audible.com.
Book II: Queen Alice is also out as an ebook and the enhanced audiobook should be released spring 2016.

Q – What inspires you?
A – Art-wise…. everything does. I have my heroes like Larry Elmore, and Roger Dean, but I am very good at pulling inspiration from anything and channeling, that’s probably the biggest gift an artist has. The inspiration to write comes from a few different places for me… aside from having a great story that I wanted to explore and realize; one-pushing my own comfort zone. I’m far more comfortable as an artist than an author type. Two- The challenge to not just talk about doing a thing but to do and complete something. There’s a certain satisfaction to “make it happen” and to actually finish a project you start. a lot of my inspiration for writing actually comes from a few friends I know that are actually really good writers, but spent more time playing video games and talking about stories they wanted to write then actually doing it. I really looked up to these guys as writers and I thought.. if I can write and publish a story it would inspire them to do so; a.k.a. lead by example. Then we would all be guests at convention as famous authors and sign books etc. However the end result is I ended writing two novels and guesting at conventions. So my inspiration came from the loneliness of writing, an apathetic lack of support, and the stubborn determination of perseverance.


Original interview: https://www.facebook.com/events/1042477232432225/permalink/1092908567389091/
Or was it here: http://jenabaxterbooks1.blogspot.com/2015/10/two-mini-interviews-with-fantasycon.html

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