FantasyCon Mini-Interview with Rick Haynes

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Q – Are you a Reader, Author, Blogger, or Artist?

A – They say that insanity runs in a family, well, I think it galloped through mine. It’s not that we’re crazy, but being brought up in the post war years, we knew how to party. We were known as that, ‘mad Haynes lot,’ and why not? After all, the war devastated the lives of so many people and it was good to be alive. My father told me wonderful stories every night before I slept. His imagination was amazing and I lived all the tales as if I were there. I remember dreaming of a huge sword, and me killing the fire breathing dragon. Alas, Mum was none too pleased when I hacked her huge sun-flower to bits the next day.

It’s no wonder I became an author. Thanks Dad.

Q – If you could live as a functioning part of any fantasy world, which would you choose, and what would you be?

A – Living as an elegant Elf lord immediately springs to mind. I’m not sure that I have the pointy ears, but no one’s perfect, are they? I pulled a bow a few times some years ago; not too badly actually; so that also gives me some credentials, I suppose.

In reality, or fantasy if you prefer, I would want to live in the land of Middle Earth. Tolkien’s mind was so vast that few others have even come near to his unbelievable talent and make- believe world. Writing a magnificent tale wasn’t enough for the great man, for he created amazing characters, wonderful plots, and a complete language.

That’s the mark of a genius and I would want some of his magical dust to rub off on me.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be immortal?

Q – What Authors have influenced you most?

A – J.R.R. Tolkien, for the reasons I have given above, but also for his wonderful children’s tale, The Hobbit. Dwarves, Hobbits, Elves, and an evil dragon called Smaug are all included; what more could any child want?

I also admire the work of the late David Gemmell, the master of heroic fantasy. Druss the Legend, his book about an older man (nearly as old as me; okay I lied) wielding a huge axe called Snaga, held me spellbound in the first chapter. Wow! Hooked I was. I have read all his tales, and apart from the Druss books, I love his trilogy about the fabled city of Troy. Wonderful stuff indeed.

Q – Have you written any stories? If so, please share them with us.

A – Evil Never Dies – is a novel of medieval fantasy. I ask whether a crazy unknown can become a hero and stand before the gates of hell, and win? I show the horrors of war, as well as the loyalty and fears of all those involved. All men are flawed and I show that war brings out the best, and worst, in even the gentlest of men. I also show love; the love between families, brothers in arms and nations. Evil Never Dies also has a promotional video on YouTube.

Bolt out of the Blue – is a novella for all the family. Set in southern England, an old American tale is revealed, as a white rabbit spreads a metaphorical dust of magic. It is a tale for grandmas and children alike – no sex, no violence, no bad language, and no cynicism.

Drabbles ‘N’ Shorts & Shorts ‘N’ Drabbles – are collections of flash fiction and short stories in differing genres. There is a fair sprinkling of fantasy, humour as well as others.

I have let my mind wander freely over the words of all my stories and I hope that you will enjoy the trip into the world of my imagination.

So that’s it folks.

Thank you for having me Jena.

And from me it’s, good morning, good afternoon, and a very good night.
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