Epic Wednesday Drabble competition

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Kasey Mart

Fairy Portal

A little girl was playing in the back yard with her sister. She hid behind a Bush since they were playing hide and seek. Kali waited for Maggie to come find her. Soon she feel asleep.
When Kali woke up she wasn’t in her yard any more and
she was older now. She was in a strange place. A male came up to her.
“Princess you’ve returned”
Kali couldn’t speak. Instead she followed the man to the palace. As she walked with him she noticed everyone was wearing wings.
“Is this a Halloween party?”
“No princess. This is home. This is Avalon. Where fairies and fae can live freely”


Judy L. Nelson

The Lamentable Necklace

Janine regretted her walk with Cash. It began as a park stroll but turned into a visit to the cemetery. To make matters worse, Janine is flabbergasted at Cash’s disrespectful behavior.

“I just found Gayle’s birthday present!” Cash exclaimed as he takes a necklace on top of a tombstone. The vermilion pendant looked iridescent and gave off an eerie glow.

“Are you crazy? There’s a reason why that’s there. Put it back!” Janine demanded, but Cash puts the necklace in his pocket.

Upon leaving, Janine ponders about Cash’s irrational decision and simultaneously feels like a sliver of her soul drifted away.


Hilary Anderson


Visitng the necromancer was always interesting. The food, the horses, the guards all rotting away in the dark. but he had a lively sense of humour and no one could grudge him his moods. Guarding the cursed dead in the valley below would task anyone. The occasional visit with sunlight, fruit and music was the least of debts to pay.For as long as the gates hold.


Brenda Rezk


Fly away, my pretties, fly away,
for you have done well today.

You’ve kept them safe from fiend and foe
and tucked them in for sleep to go.

To the fairy circle now we fly
to dance beneath a moonlit sky.

Rejoice, rejoice, the season’s turn,
as the leaves with red and orange burn.

Eat and drink tonight your fill,
then snuggle in to avoid the chill.

Slumber deep, my woodland sprites,
through shortest days and longest nights,

‘Til green shoots forth once more
and day and night reverse their score.

Awake, awake now, dears,
to new life’s springtime cheers!


Rhissanna Collins


Scarlett got the foodstamp card for Gran, taking a detour through the Woodland Mall, though Ma said to go straight there and not stop for anything.

The mall was quiet but for some guy, hanging around in a grey coat. He gave her a wink.

“Where you going in that cute red hoodie, luv?” he asked her, grinning.

“To me Gran‘s; not that it’s your business!”

The man gave an old-fashion bow and left on loping strides.

At Gran’s house Scarlett saw yellow police tape. She also saw Mall Guy, wearing Gran’s frillies and clutching a gut wound.

Score one for Gran.


Rebecca Bingham


A horrible nasty beast. Scruffy and mangy. How could anyone love such a creature? He was covered in filth. His clothes ripped to shreds, almost as if someone had clawed them. And those large ears, how unseemly! The pointed teeth certainly didn’t help the look of the thing.

And yet, I cannot be rid of it, this horrid thing. How could I? Not when she cares for it so.

As I tuck in my sweet daughter, I hand her the stuffed, practically demolished, dog. How do you say no to such a sweet girl, so kind and true. Of course we’ll keep the beast.


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Crimson Cloak Publishing on Dark Tuesday

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We are a book publisher who believes business should always be personal. We publish ebook and print
https://www.facebook.com/crimsoncloakpublishing/Veronica Castle's photo.

Veronica Castle Welcome, everyone, to DARK TUESDAY with Crimson Cloak Publishing. You can follow what our authors are up to via their own Crimson Authors grouphttps://www.facebook.com/groups/1492129711078230/?fref=ts

  • In Fergus Macroich‘s dark fantasy novel I Am Lauren, a rebellious teenager embarks on a down-the-rabbithole adventure. She meets deceased relatives and learns unknown “facts” about her family, passing through strange contradictory realms where nothing is as it seems.http://crimsoncloakpublishing.com/i-am-lauren.html
    Crimson Cloak Publishing offers a wide range of great books for all tastes
Ranging from his ode to the much-maligned urban pigeon (Winged Rats) to a haunting Holocaust…
Crimson Cloak Publishing offers a wide range of great books for all tastes
Thomas Scott is recruited by aliens for a crack mixed-species Special Services team …
Travis I. Sivart is an author with Crimson Cloak Publishing

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FantasyCon Mini-Interview with Connie Johnson-Jasperson

A .

Q – Are you an Author, Blogger, Reader, or Artist?

A – I am actually all four! I have 5 books published, with two more slated to be published in 2016. I Blog regularly on the craft of writing, I read voraciously, and I do graphic design, creating covers and maps.

Q – If you could live in a fantasy world, which would you choose?

A – Wow—I do actually live in a fantasy world, lol—But, if I couldn’t live in Middle Earth, I would live in Neveyah, for sure.

Q – What are your favorite fantasy characters?

A – I love Tolkien’s characters of course, and Tad William’s Simon Mooncalf. I also love David Edding’s characters from the Belgariad.

Q – Have you written any stories? Is so, please tell us about them.

A – I have three epic fantasy books based in the World of Neveyah, Tower of Bones, Forbidden Road, and Mountains of the Moon. I also have a medieval mash-up, Huw the Bard, along with a book of fairytales, Tales from the Dreamtime.

If you are interested in any of my work, here is my Amazon author page link: http://bit.ly/CJJASPauthor

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FantasyCon Mini-Interview with John Lawrence

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Q – Are you a Blogger, Author, Artist, or Reader?

A – I read all kinds of books. My favorite genre is Epic Fantasy, but I enjoy Science Fiction, Speculative, Dystopian, Adventure of all kinds, and Crime Dramas. I’m a Fantasy Author.

Q – What is your earliest memory of fantasy or sci-fi as a genre?

A – My mother handed me the Chronicles of Narnia boxed set. I remember the vivid details of the adventures of these children who were transported to another world. It completely captivated me. To this day, I still remember many of the scenes that I envisioned.

Q – Which fantasy authors inspire you?

A – I am inspired by the range and scope of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, the tight magical systems of Brandon Sanderson, the real world grit of George Martin, and the heady adventure of David Gemmel.

Q – Have you written any stories? If so, please tell us about them.

A – I write The Sagas of Di’Ghon, an Epic Fantasy Adventure Series with a GrimDark side.

The Code Sings.
The Caller has Returned.
The Blood of Ontar Will Rise Again.

Every action has consequences. Some change everything for the good. Others can get you killed. The worst kind can get people you love killed instead.

Thaniel wasn’t looking for enemies. He never meant to hurt anyone. But he wasn’t the type to do nothing while the innocent got hurt. So when he saw the terror in his girl’s eyes and a soldier chasing her, he couldn’t just stand there.

As a slave, he surely wasn’t trying to attract the attention of the Ontar either. Why would he want to awaken any kind of magic that can be used to Call monsters down out of the sky? Who would actually be that stupid?

But he did…

As the whirlwind of consequence gains intensity and the people he loves the most are swept into the tumult, it’s up to Thaniel to find a way to save his loved ones. Join Thaniel and friends on an epic adventure as he discovers that monsters are not just born…

Sometimes, they are Inborn



Epic Wednesday

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FantasyCon Mini-Interview with Dayron Colon

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Q – Are you a Blogger, Reader, Author, or Artist?

A – I am an Author and a reader

Q – What is your earlier memory of a fantasy story, or movie having an impact on you?

A – I didn’t like reading when I was a child and movies mostly were actions movies none of the Fantasy genre but later on I would have to say that the book that made an impact on my life was
The Summoner by Gail Z Martin

Q – If you could transform into any creature, what would you choose?

A – It would have to be a Dragon

Q – Have you written any stories? If so, please share them with us.

A – I have written four book,
Three on the Lost City Series
Book 1: The Lost City : Drake’s Revenge
Book 2 The Lost City : King’s Inheritance
Book 3 a Novella The Lost City : The Champions of Darkness

A short story A Genie’s Kiss

The Full length novels and the Novella are part of my Lost City Series, is based on the biblical apocalypse and with different view on it, The Series is set around the world, each book takes place on a different country, but they are part of the ongoing storyline, is a war between Angels, Demons and Humans the Humans have the ability to fight back, using magic and being able to shapeshift.

My short story is based on time travel The main Character is Roy Hudson and he always has been facinated with time travel to explore ruins and caves that no longer exists on his time, and this book is based on what happened when he is telling the story of how he found a Genie’s lap and what he found was a female Genie a rare opportunity since there no stories of them, and she only grants one wish what was His that he wants to share it with his friends.


Epic Wednesday

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Keynote Speaker Video | Steve DeWinter

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FantasyCon Mini-Interview with Marc Royston

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Q – .Are you an Author, Reader, Artist, or Blogger?

A – I am an Author, a Blogger, a Fantasist, and an avid Reader. And a human being … provided I’ve had my coffee.

Q – What about the fantasy and sci-fi genres inspires you?

A – Fantasy delves into “what cannot be”. Science fiction considers “what is not as yet”. Both genres require the ability to conceive and to accept that which does not exist.

I love to engage myself and my readers in worlds that we cannot enter other than through our dreams. The challenge inspires me. Raising the limits of imagination inspires me. To explore our reality, our humanity, our civilization and our time, a journey through infinite possibility allows us to step back and gain an unfiltered perception, absent the barriers of convention. Fantasy and SciFi are doorways beyond the mundane that take us into worlds of fascination, delight, and surprise. When the boundaries of reality are lifted, when we allow ourselves to believe in the unbelievable, then we lower our defenses, our egos vanish, and we are receptive to new ideas that we might not otherwise allow to enter. And in that process, we are exposed to naked truth.

Q – If you could live in any fantasy world, which one would you choose?

A – They tend to be rather dire, don’t they? The tropes are not the most hospitable: a supernatural evil; monsters prowling in the yard; poor amenities. I mean, who would opt to forego indoor plumbing? Or air conditioning? *Shudder* *Think about it; and shudder yet again* As it is, I hesitate to answer the knocking at my door in this ordinary world from which I draw breath. What if it really was a Ringwraith and not just a pesky peddler who was rap-rap-rapping on my chamber door?

Uhhh … no thanks.

I would gladly visit Alfheim, Atlantis, Barsoom, Blefuscu, Camelot, Discworld, Dreamlands, Earthsea, Fantasia, Forbidden Planet, Hyperborea, Lilliput, Middle-Earth, Midgard, Multiverse, Neverland, Oz, Pellucidar, Pern, Riverworld, Shannara, Tamriel, Thieves World, Vanaheim, Verse, Well World, Westeros, Wonderland, Xanadu, and Xanth … but I would live in NONE of them.

The joy of reading fantasy is the joy of exploration—not the joy of nesting.

That being said, I might retire on Risa. Interesting diversions there. And no taxes!

–Have you written any stories? If so, please tell us about them.

There are too many to mention. My latest:

Hecate’s Faun, a dark fantasy, now available in eBook and softcover on Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B013CZ6HM4

“While Savannah burns on the horizon and the final battle of the Civil War is fought, an old woman discovers the corpse of a satyr floating in her pond. When a confederate officer arrives and claims the body is a demon, the homicidal ghost of the old woman’s daughter instigates a night of horror and recrimination while crimes long hidden and secrets too terrible for the light of day are revealed.”

The Wizard Ignites (Vol. I of A Wizard’s Life), an adult epic fantasy, is in pre-publication. We have a crowdfunding campaign to finance the edits scheduled for November 2015.
“Accused of being a witch and of murdering the girl he loves, a naïve young farmer faces the terrible cost of his gift for magic. While on trial for his life, Götling unravels a web of intrigues spun by wizards, gods, and royals. If he can overcome his persecutors and gain admittance into the Academy of Arcane Arts, Götling might yet learn to control his fiery power and become the instrument to decide all wars.

The Piper of the Dead invades the Empire. The Shadow Queen and her demon army prepare to escape their long imprisonment. And an insane goddess plots to overthrow her peers.

The time foretold has come. Afire, a reluctant hero rises into legend.”

The Wizard Ignites, an adult epic fantasy, was a Short List Finalist, Novel-In-Progress, in the 2011 William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition.

A Sample Chapter and Audio Link for The Wizard Ignites can be found on my blog at:


While you are there, SIGN UP for your FREE subscription to “The Wizard’s Workshop” for the insider’s scoop on my projects, fan offers, and appearances .

I love to connect with my readers and with fans of fantasy and with my fellow authors. The door is always open, and a kettle is on the stove. Drop by and say “Hello.”

Epic Wednesday

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