FantasyCon Mini-Interview with Lily Luchesi

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Q – Are you a Reader, Author, Blogger, or Artist?

A – I am an author of paranormal and horror with a side of heat. I create creatures and insert them into our world, making the mundane extraordinary.

Q – If you could live as a functioning part of any fantasy world, which would you choose, and what would you be?

A – I would choose to live in Middle Earth. Maybe it’s cliche, but I have always been a huge fan of Tolkien, and his works are so vivid and beautiful. I’d like to be a Hobbit, or possibly a Mirkwood Elf. Hobbits are so cute and friendly, and Elves have such a sense of unreality and beauty about them.

Q – What Authors have influenced you most?

A – My biggest inspirations start with the classics like Stoker, Shakespeare, Poe, Tolkien and Conan Doyle. Modern authors I have taken inspiration from are Ellen Schreiber, Terri Garey, Darren Shan, and my biggest influence Stephen King. These authors gave me a sense of unreality and enjoyment with their works. All of them made fantasy/paranormal peoples seem so realistic, as if they really could be in our world.

Q – Have you written any stories? If so, please share them with us.

A – My debut novel is called “Stake-Out”, and it is the first in the Paranormal Detectives Series. It follows a mortal detective named Danny, whose perp turns out to be a vampire. He is then contacted by the Paranormal Investigative Division of the FBI and is immersed in the world of the paranormal–a world he never knew existed. He has to work with the mysterious agent Angelica Cross to catch the rogue vampire. Along the way, old enemies and more make this case a real killer.
The sequel, “Miranda’s Rights”, will be released on January 8th from Vamptasy Publishing.

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FantasyCon Mini-Interview with Scarlett Van Dijk

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Q – Are you an Author, Blogger, Reader, or Artist?

A – I am a young adult, fantasy author. I also have a blog on the writing craft and enjoy reading.

Q – What is your earliest memory of fantasy or sci-fi having an impact on you?

A – When I was young I actually hated reading. I hated what we were forced to read at school. When I was 13 however, I was walking through my school library when I noticed a book cover with a really interesting design. This was Tamara Pierce’s Song of the Lioness series, and the first fantasy novels that I had ever decided to read. These are the books that both made me interested in reading for pleasure and inspired me to start writing my own fantasy stories.

Q – What inspires you?

A – I find music to be a large inspiration and if I am ever having difficulty coming up with ideas I will just sit (in the bath) listening to music. This works every time for me.
My first book was actually based on a daydream that I had when listening to Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway.

Q – Have you written any stories? If so, please tell us about them.

A – I currently have two YA fantasy novels published, both from my Sky Stone series. The first is titled Sky Stone, and the sequel is titled Guardian Core. The stories follow a young woman called Skyla who is stripped from her home and sent to a land where magic is part of daily life and torn by war. She finds herself Gifted with special abilities and a destiny handed to her by a god. It’s a story of war, love, and growth.
I am currently working on the third and final book in this series, and a stand alone novel titled Nexus.

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FantasyCon Mini-Interview with Nina Falkestav

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Q – Are you a Reader, Author, Artist, or Blogger?

A- I’m first and foremost an author at the moment. I love reading, but sadly, I find I often have to choose between reading and writing, since it seems there are no more than 24 hours in a day.

Q – What fantasy stories and Authors have influenced you most?

A- I think Neil Gaiman, with his book ”The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents, J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter books, Oscar Wilde- who write gothic stories (which, in a way I see as the fantasy of the 19 and early 20th century) and to some extent Sir Terry Pratchett. I’m also very influence by folk- and fairy tales and old myths and legends; almost more so than by other writers and stories. And I LOVE books on storytelling techniques of different kinds.

Q – If you could be the heroine in any fantasy or sci-fi story, which would you choose?

A- Probably the Harry Potter or the Narnia worlds

Q – What inspires you?

A- Life , the universe and the number 42 (see, there’s a Terry Pratchett reference for you) But to be serious, all sorts of things depending on what kind of inspiration I need. Since I’m currently writing about a group of cats, my own cats influence me quite a bit (I have seven cats, and a foolishly brave parrot. I also used to breed guinea pigs and I have a diploma in animal husbandry.)

I’m also inspired a lot by nature and the people around me and I’m a sucker for documentaries, both on nature/animals and other subjects.

Q – Have you written any stories? If so, please tell us about them.

A- Yes, I have written many, since I have been writing since I learned to write, more or less.
The ones that are written for publication and are finished, are two picture books (though they both currently lack pictures.) I am now working on a story that may best be classified as either Midde Grade or Young Adult fantasy.

They are all written in Swedish, since that is my native tongue, but I’m hoping to either translate them myself, or have them translated to English once the MG/YA is finished.
They all feature cats in major roles, obviously

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FantasyCon Mini-Interview with Gudrod Hanson

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Q – Are you a Blogger, Reader, Author, or Artist?

A – I write novels, blog and read. I limit my art to stick figures and collecting the art of others.

Q – What is your earliest memory of a fantasy story, or movie having an impact on you?

A – When I was young, I played Dungeons and Dragons (now Pathfinder) with my older brother and a great group of friends. It helped me expand my imagination, but also helped me with teamwork and commmuniction skills. As the younger brother of the group, I had to use reason and logic to have any input.

Q – If you could transform into any creature, what would you choose?

A – I’d be a necromancer on Halloween and raise the dead. Then, I’d march them up mainstreet in a parade of the past.

Q- Have you written any stories? If so, please share them with us.

A – I wrote a short story about Lewis & Clark meeting Bigfoot. It’s in an anthology named Baby Shoes that has 100 short stories.

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FantasyCon Mini-Interview with Melissa Sasina

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Q – Are you a Blogger, Author, Artist, or Reader?

A – Author first and foremost, but I’m also a hobby artist, usually drawing up some of my own characters.

Q – What is your earliest memory of fantasy or sci-fi as a genre?

A – Watching the Last Unicorn when I was a kid. After that, I took more interest in the fantasy genre, especially during my teenage years when I started reading fantasy series and fairy tales.

Q – Which fantasy authors inspire you?

A – Lloyd Alexander used to be my main fantasy inspiration. Now my list has grown to include Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, R.A. Salvatore, and fellow indie author Intisar Khanani.

Q – Have you written any stories? If so, please tell us about them.

A – I have a completed Trilogy published as well as a series that I’m currently working on. The trilogy is set in ancient Ireland and takes place in the three years leading up to the battle between the Celts and the Tuatha De Danann. It’s better suited, due to some adult content, to adults and older teens. The current series, which two of the five books are currently released, is a fantasy series with elves, dwarves, magic airships, and a bit of Norse myth thrown in. It suited to both teens and adults.



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FantasyCon Mini-Interview with Connie Johnson-Jasperson

A .

Q – Are you an Author, Blogger, Reader, or Artist?

A – I am actually all four! I have 5 books published, with two more slated to be published in 2016. I Blog regularly on the craft of writing, I read voraciously, and I do graphic design, creating covers and maps.

Q – If you could live in a fantasy world, which would you choose?

A – Wow—I do actually live in a fantasy world, lol—But, if I couldn’t live in Middle Earth, I would live in Neveyah, for sure.

Q – What are your favorite fantasy characters?

A – I love Tolkien’s characters of course, and Tad William’s Simon Mooncalf. I also love David Edding’s characters from the Belgariad.

Q – Have you written any stories? Is so, please tell us about them.

A – I have three epic fantasy books based in the World of Neveyah, Tower of Bones, Forbidden Road, and Mountains of the Moon. I also have a medieval mash-up, Huw the Bard, along with a book of fairytales, Tales from the Dreamtime.

If you are interested in any of my work, here is my Amazon author page link:

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FantasyCon Mini-Interview with Kim Cady

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Q – Are you a Blogger, Reader, Author, or Artist?

A – I have published my first novella in a two book series, ‘The Abbottsford Cats – The Sphere of Remel’, I also did the cover illustration. I am a writer, photographer and digital artist.

Q – What is your earlier memory of a fantasy story, or movie having an impact on you?

A – When I was very young, about 6 or 7, I didn’t like the usual cartoons at all. There was a special TV series of animation on stories about nature that I loved. The one I remember the best was “The Swallows of Capistrano”. This lovely animated story was about the famous cliff swallows of San Juan, Capistrano. They take flight every year in mass near the Day of San Juan (October 23), and return from their winter spot 6,000 miles south in Goya, Corrientes, Argentina and around March 19th they return, landing at the mission in San Juan, California , Crowds from all over the world greet them as the bells of the Mission ring and a fiesta is celebrated! I’ll never forget that beautiful story.

Q – If you could transform into any creature, what would you choose?

A – Definately, a pampered housecat!!

Q – Have you written any stories?

A – I started writing when I was in elementary school. My first short story was called “The Christmas Robin” about a robin in Florida with a broken wing that is found by a boy. He brings the robin home to his family and they care for it. It heals and flies on Christmas day!
I won first place in The Collage, my college literary magazine for ‘Sandiron’ a story about a sunflower who protests a gardener’s attempt to remove him – pleading that ‘he was not a weed, but, a beautiful flower like any other’.In my 20s and 30s, I was a songwriter and sang my songs in both folk and rock n’ roll bands to a very favorable response in Buffalo, NY, my hometown and Nashville, TN where I now live.
I returned to novel writing recently and completed “The Abbottsford Cats – The Sphere of Remel” the first of two books in the series. It is a story based in Beaufleuve – a city full of magic – a place of feral cats and Spirit Cats; cruelty and kindness; earthly barriers and magical travels. In ‘The Sphere of Remel’, a clowder of extraordinary cats living on Abbottsford Road work together to help a gypsy who saved their lives fight an unforgiving curse. As they do, a cruel man enters their realm and faces his demons, learning lessons he never bargained for; and a little girl heals her wounded heart through friendship, forgiveness, and a very special kitten.
I am working on the second novella at this time.
To learn more about the book, illustrations and the upcoming volume, please like me at Thank you!

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