Sci-Fi Sunday Drabble competition

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Kasey Mart

The Mark

I have a mark. And it’s the only thing that has kept me alive. I also live two lives. One normal with all my friends. The other paranormal. I run with wolves and fight vampires. I’ve tried to keep my two lives separate. But that ended two da
ys ago.
I was walking to my friends house to party when this bitch vampire attacked me. She nearly killed me. My friends found me bleeding in the breezeway at the apartment complex. They took me home. Derek my sorta werewolf boyfriend. Showed up. Told him his vampire girlfriend attacked me. I passed out. Derek ended up telling all my friends about my other life. I hate him for it


W. K. Pomeroy

Immortal Pain

If I had not met her, loved her, married her, I would not have cried when she died and I lived on, forever.


Ashley Martinez


The light blinked twice. The test was over. I opened the hatch taking my first step into the unknown. The area now deemed safe. Would others dare step out or was I as deserted as this landscape?

Sci-fi Sunday


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#FantasyCon is up and running. Are you there?

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It opened yesterday about this time, and we’ve already had two wonderful groups of authors come in to start talking about their books with visitors, fans, and just about anyone else who stops by their booth.  I don’t have an exact count, but I think it’s somewhere in the range of 50 authors, and from the fertile minds of just this small number of participating people, I’ve already seen almost double that in the subgenres of books that are out on display.

Sci-fi Sunday was a huge success, and it’s not over yet.  Paranormal Monday was just as much fun, and IT’S not over yet.  Seriously, if you like fantasy, romance, erotica, sci-fi, paranormal, or any combination in between, you should come see this event.  We’ve got authors from around the world, which means that when you get there, there’s a good chance someone will be around to chat with.  No lines, no roar of the crowds to talk over, no travel.  What else could be better?

Come on over and check it out!

Oh, and if you like to take a walk on the darker side… Dark Tuesday is about to start!  Whee!

Sci-fi Sunday Paranormal Monday Dark Tuesday

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Crimson Cloak Publishing – on Sci-Fi Sunday

We are a book publisher who believes business should always be personal. We publish ebook and print…

Veronica Castle Hi, I’m eic of Crimson Cloak, we are a very new company but we love sci-fi and have several sci-fi books smile emoticon

This one’s a rip-roaring interstellar adventure from Todd Embry

Thomas Scott is recruited by aliens for a crack mixed-species Special Services team …

The Legend of Otherland series is an outstanding four-book children’s sci-fi series by musician and writer Chuck Kelly, featuring the crown prince of Otherland Bunker Charles as he has various adventures on the mysterious planet of Otherland…

The Legend of Otherland comprises a series of books by multi-talented author Chuck Kelly, following the…

A mysterious android takes a young teenaged boy through strange dimensions to meet the father he has…

Here’s one reminiscent of the Da Vinci Code: Carlos Solorzano‘s book purports to be a long-undiscovered new gospel – written by Mary mother of Christ.

What if there were another gospel that had lain hidden for millennia? What if Saint Mary, mother of God, had…

We have several children’s books involving ghosts or urban legends, but a rather unusual one is western writer Wesley Tallant‘s book Little Big Toe, which will really get you thinking

Little Big Toe’s small body holds a big heart: he is always helping others. Now he will fulfill his destiny.…

This is our main book page

Here are all our children’s books. Check out the urban legend Who Is The Gray Man? by Rod Martinez
And not forgetting The Crimson Cloak Anthologies – the second volume, Steps in Time, was a Sci-fi book. All profit goes toAlzheimer’s Research UK – why not buy one for someone for Christmas instead of a charity Christmas card? The book includes a knitting pattern for a twiddlemuff for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients donated by Woollies for the World Group

Email for a free copy of any of the above. If none interest you, stop by our main book page and ask for something in another genre: special FantasyCon Offer! smile emoticon We are giving away books every day of the FantasyCon …

Here we are on Facebook: we’ve just released a children’s Christmas anthology, another one for charity. Why not check it out for a Christmas pressie for someone?
Not all our anthology story donors write primarily for us: check out L Sydney Abel‘s new creepy sci-fi thriller …
Our anthologies are an adjunct of our Pay It Forward philosophy: come and join us Pink “piffing” at
This is all thanks to our brilliant CEO Carly McCracken
We also have some great sci-fi cover artists: check out The Inspector Sheehan Mysteries for the first in the series, The Doom Murders, with its stunning new cover by Marianna Hircakova, who has also done the cover for Anthony John Gerst‘s upcoming sci-fi novel The HAARP Letters
Also Les Holmes, who does Todd Embry‘s covers
Les Holmes creates fantastic sci-fi-scapes for book covers at Crimson Cloak Publishing
Leslie Gabrielse does the covers for Chuck Kelly‘s sci-fi novels
Leslie Gabrielse is an artist who creates book covers for Crimson Cloak Publishing
Watch for Anthony John Gerst‘s upcoming novel The HAARP Letters, very trending …
The HAARP Letters by Anthony J Gerst is set in a post Sudden-Climate-Change world where only limited…
is the HAARP Letters’ author’s fb page:
Hi to fellow Sci-Fi Sunday participant Marleen S. Barr who donated her short story “Some Enchanted Evening, you will meet a Stranger” to volume 3 of The Crimson Cloak Anthologies, LOVE MATTERS

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Keynote Speaker Video | Steve DeWinter

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Guest Post: Alesha Escobar

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The Inner-Life of Science Fiction

By Alesha Escobar


There’s a certain sense of mastery we feel when we’re able to exert our power over nature through technology. The universe is not man-made, but technology certainly is. What drew me to science fiction, whether it was a film or book, was the idea that future technological advancements presented were just believable enough to be possible, though they had no place in our world today.

What also grabbed my attention was the range of stories–from flying among the stars to discovering intelligent alien life. The possibilities seem endless regarding the types of characters and situations we could explore in a science fiction story.

However, until recently, it didn’t occur to me that most of all, science fiction is really about ourselves. Yes, we are drawn to the scenery and technology, but even more fascinating is how we interact with the scenery and what we do with the technology.

In my recent contribution to the Masters of Time anthology, I set my story in a future where time travel was possible. And while the question of time travel (as well as its consequences) were interesting, what became central to the story was how my protagonist used this as a catalyst to assert his independence and vindicate his humanity.

A story can have the sleekest starships and the most exotic alien life, but if there aren’t characters there to wrestle with deeper questions and issues, then it all becomes window dressing. This is why I enjoy great science fiction stories. They will make you both think and feel, especially as you turn your gaze toward the possibilities that await us in this vast universe.

Author Bio

Alesha Escobar writes fantasy to support her chocolate habit. When she’s not chasing around her children, she enjoys reading, cooking, movies and crafts. The first book of the Gray Tower Trilogy, The Tower’s Alchemist, is currently free in the Kindle store. Alesha also has a short story, The Black Dagger Gods, published in the New Myths anthology by HDWP Books. Her most recent work, Logan 6, can be found in the Masters of Time anthology by Creative Alchemy, Inc.





Sci-fi Sunday


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FantasyCon Mini-Interview with Jonathan Fesmire, Author

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Q – Are you an Author, Blogger, Artist, or Reader?

A – I’m all four! I identify myself most as a writer. I currently have two adult fantasy novels and a young adult fantasy novel published, but in the last five years I’ve gotten heavily into steampunk, both in my art and writing. My upcoming novel is “Bodacious Creed: a Steampunk Zombie Western.”

My blog is called “The Mostly Steampunk Blog” where I do just that: write mostly about steampunk with some of my other interests thrown in. I’ve interviewed makers and cosplayers like Ave Rose, James Neathery, and Steamy Leia, and will continue to interview more people in the steampunk community.

I also have an MFA in Animation and Visual Effects from Academy of Art University, so I do 3D art on the side.

Q – What is your earliest fantasy story memory, book or movie?

A – I honestly don’t remember. I’ve been into fantasy and speculative fiction since forever. Probably the original Star Trek, or maybe A Wrinkle in Time. I was seven when Star Wars came out, which must have cemented my love for science fiction.

In the 90s I got into Cyberpunk, and in the 2000s, steampunk.

Q – If you could shift into any creature you wanted, what would you choose, and why?

A – I will take it by “creature” that you mean any alien as well. I would shift into a Time Lord with a Tardis. Nothing would be more amazing than traveling all of time and space with my son.

Q – Have you written any stories? If so, please share them with us.

A – I’ve written lots of stories! In the 1990s quite a few made it to paying zines, and I even sold one to Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine. I had an anthology, “Seed of Vision” published for years, but recently retired it. However, subscribers to my newsletter get what I think are the eight best stories from that anthology for free when they sign up for my newsletter via my website.

I’m also working on the first short story in the steampunk world of “Bodacious Creed” right now and should have it done by convention time. It’s also going to be a freebie to my newsletter subscribers, and I think it’s quite good.

Visit my website at

Steampunk Saturday

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FantasyCon Mini-Interview with Laura Woodswalker, Blogger, Author, Artist and Reader

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Q – Are you an Author, Blogger, Artist, or Reader?

A – All of the above, but mostly Author.

Q – What fantasy stories have influenced you most?

A – Classic science fiction, like Asimov’s Foundation series.

Q – If you were able to transform into any creature you wanted, which would you choose?

A – Maybe a mutant with telepathy or teleportation. Or else, an Earth Elemental.

Q – Have you written any stories lately? If so, please share with us.

A – I wrote a classic style science fiction story,’ TESLA’S SIGNAL.
‘Visionary Inventor Nikola Tesla sent a signal to Mars. What happened when they answered? Electric Wizard…Mad Scientist…Public Enemy #1!”
It was published in April. Now I am working on the sequel, ‘TESLA’S WAVELENGTH’. . or

Sci-fi Sunday

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