This is the wonderful team who brought this phenomenal event together for you.  Let’s put our hands together for them in a wonderful round of applause and thank you’s!

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Carol March

Carol March – Over all Administrator
Carol March often ponders ways to reignite the love of the fantasy genre as a whole. She has facebook pages for that purpose, as well as other events that showcase Authors from the fantasy genre. She worked on the planning of the FantasyCon event, as well as putting together a really awesome scavenger hunt.

FantasyCon Mini Interview with Carol March, Author.
Q. Are you an Author, Reader, Artist or Blogger?
A. The love of reading and history has over the years given me the inspiration to write. At times, when distraction proves too great or my duties outside of the creative realm demand my attention, I reluctantly remove myself from the worlds I create.
I am by all standards a traditional fantasy author and have 6 indie books on various sale sites. It is the epic vein of writing that intrigues me, as I hope it does my readers.
Q. What is the earliest fantasy book you remembered reading?
A. I began reading at an early age and since children’s books sit happily in the genre of fantasy I fell in love with all the characters and the worlds that Enid Blyton created. I learnt that my imagination was a place, where I could pretend to travel alongside the characters as the story carried along.
My absolute favourite was The Magic Faraway Tree. It was the first of a series and to this day, I still read and adore epic fantasy series.
Q. Have you written any stories? What are they about?
A. The story that winds its way through the series I am writing is set on the world Tarkeenia. It is an epic tale, which is thick with love and hatred, betrayal and sacrifice, greed and desire. This world is layered with characters and wonders, story threads and impossible imaginaries.
I thought once it was impossible for me to write a short story. I was approached a couple of years ago to write for a small Australian Magazine and contribute fantasy stories that had a certain word count. A challenge I am now happy I accepted. This led me to creating a book of short fantasy stories, ‘A Dark Compendium.’ This is a collection of tales both magical and sometimes a little dark. They will tease and delight and certainly show that the impossible can certainly become possible.
Co-writing online with a like mind author is a great way to develop a story that is full of depth and full of imaginings. It is not always an easy process for although you both think alike and write from the same genre, there is always the question of writing style. Every author has one and when you combine two writing styles together it becomes a very interesting read. With the help of a like mind writer, an epic author not unlike myself, we created the series, The Un-named Chronicles.
Q. If you could have any fantasy creature for your own, what would it be and what would you do with it.
A. I am aware many asked this question would reply with wanting a dragon or a griffin. Personally some of my fantasy creatures would not be at all suitable to have beside me and for a short while I was confounded at how to answer this question.
I think I would like a creature I have created to be a friend. The fire sprite Coal is a mischievous fellow, standing a few inches tall and perfect in every way. I am a curious person by nature and so is he. Together we could have such fun. He can twink in and out, this means Coal can disappear and then re-appear in another place entirely. Can you imagine the fun?

Jordanne Fuller

Jordan Fuller – CosPlay Administrator
Jordanne coordinates the FanyasyCon cosplay events. She came to us late, but jumped right in, making sure things are in order and marketed appropriately. There is a cosplay contest for every genre of the event.
Read her mini-interview here


Guy Donovan2


Guy Donovan – Panels Administrator
An artist with a passion for fantasy. Guy is working on panels and in any other aspect anyone needs help with.


Denice Garrou


Denice Garrou – Panels Administrator
FantasyCon was her idea, She had the vision to bring it to life and run with it. She and Carol pulled together a team to work out logistics. From there tasks were handed out to the various admins to make things move more smoothly. Every FantasyCon Admin had a specific area they are in charge of. Denice works on panel presentations with fellow Authors, Shauna Aura Knight, and Guy Donovan.


Jena Baxter



Jana Baxter – Blog Tour Administrator
Hey, that’s me. I worked on the blog tour, but attribute much of it’s success to Carol March, who continually posted for the bloggers we needed. The media kit is out. If you’re interested in being a part of this tour, PM me and we’ll set up a date and get the media kit out to you.


Raven Williams

Raven Williams – Administrator in all aspects
Raven has been the Administrative Assistant since planning began. She sends emails, makes forms, and formatted the lovely fliers and banners we’ve been showcasing. She makes sure the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed. Right now her focus is games and giveaways as well as getting the booths ready for each of the artist’s, bloggers and authors. A task so vast we’ll all be working on it together for a smoother presentation.

A huge thank you goes out to Raven Williams for letting me use one of her fractal designs for the new background. Feel free to go check out her other designs.


Shauna Aura Knight

Shauna Aura Knight – A woman going 100 miles an hour right now. Shauna works on the panels with Denice Garrou and Guy Donovan. They posted a test run on the topic on Sex in fantasy – How much is too much. I’m sorry I don’t have the link for that, but maybe someone can post it in the comments for me.